The only licensed, authentic IKMF Krav Maga minutes from downtown Pickering.

The Israeli martial art used by special forces all over the world; taught in a supportive and friendly atmosphere for all ages and skill levels.

What you will learn

  • Keys to surviving common modern day threats – including home invasions, ATM muggings, attempted abductions, rape scenarios. 
  • Defences against knife and handgun threats and attacks
  • Defences against chokes. 
  • Defences against baseball bats, tire irons, etc.
  • Defences against bearhugs.
  • Using common objects as weapons.
  • Basic combatives; including punches, kicks, elbows strikes, hammerfists, knees, headbutts, etc.

WHO can attend

Anyone 12 and up can do Krav Maga.  Any fitness level. Our classes are designed for men and women, old and young.


Wear comfortable pants and a t-shirt.
Men are strongly advised to wear a protective cup.
Bring a bottle of water.

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