Real Life Situations. Real Life Self-Defence.

We teach IKMF Krav Maga.  That's all we do.  This isn't chain store martial arts.  This is guaranteed military-grade, combat training for civilians.  

Classes are intense, high aerobic, and believe it or not, fun. 

Anyone can do Krav Maga.  Anyone.  Any age, any fitness level. We cover a myriad of real life threats including knife attacks,  pistol threats, chokes, ground fighting, multiple attackers, shirt grabs, hair pulling, surprise attacks, stick attacks, and much more.  

Fundamentals class.

The most successful athletes know in order to succeed you must pratice, pratice, pratice the fundamentals.  

In the fundamentals class we teach and refine basic combatives like punches, kicks, palm strikes, elbow and knee attacks, making sure the defense logically fits the attack.  We also begin to work on our situational awareness and tactical thinking, examining what happens when two or more attackers are involved.

After the instructor feels the student has sufficiently learned the basic principles and combatives, the student will be invited to attend the advanced class as well.

Advanced class.

No one is ever mugged in a boxing ring or octagon.  Ever.  Physical assaults happen on pavement, not on mats.  

In this class we further our understanding of practical defences to modern attacks.  Every level of threat is examined, from someone grabbing your shirt to pulling a knife or a gun.  Environmental circumstances are factored in, so whether you are sitting in a booth at a restaurant or withdrawing money from an A.T.M. the Krav Maga practitioner understands the nature of the threat and the most effective counter attack.

Kids' class.

Kids are special.  A kids' class needs to be special, fun, entertaining, physical, and informative.  

We provide a fun workout designed to engage and educate kids in the basics of self defence.  Special emphasis is placed on understanding the level of physical threat involved.  There's a big difference in terms of danger when a friend jumps on your back to when an adult stranger grabs your hand.  

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Private Lessons.

Private lessons are available on an ongoing and one-time only basis.  Each is tailored to your specific needs and situation.  So, if you are a world traveler and wish to know how to defend yourself and your family, or if you wish to examine certain techniques outside our regular classes, private lessons are an effective way of learning Krav Maga quickly.

About the IKMF.

IKMF Krav Maga originated when Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of Krav Maga, along with his top students, founded the federation in 1995.  IKMF instructors are certified after years of training, followed by an intensive instructor's course directly from IKMF headquarters in Israel.  They are re-certified every year.  There are only six certified IKMF Krav Maga instructors in the entire 6.054 million GTA region.  

Head Instructor, Nicholas De Kruyff

Nicholas de Kruyff has practiced martial arts for over twenty years, including such varied styles as Shotokan Karate, Hap Ki Do, and of course, Krav Maga.  Nicholas learned from such distinguished teachers as Avi Moyal, Tamir Gilad, Shlomi Moyal, Jean Paul Jaufrett, Marcus Torgerson, and our own Director of Canada for the IKMF, Laurent Mougeot.  To date, he has attained the level of G3. 

Outside of martial arts Nicholas is a working writer and director, being involved in advertising, film, and theatre since graduating from York University.  He is a loving father and husband.


  • Keys to surviving common modern day threats -- including home invasions, ATM muggings, attempted abductions, rape scenarios. 
  • Defences against knife threats.
  • Defences against handgun threats. 
  • Defences against knife attacks, including repeated stabs and slashes.
  • Defences against chokes. 
  • Defences against stick-like objects (baseball bats, tire irons, etc.)
  • Defences against bearhugs, hair-pulls, handgrabs.
  • Using common objects as weapons.
  • Combat tactics
  • Basic combatives; including punches, kicks, elbows strikes, hammerfists, knees, headbutts, etc.


Wear comfortable pants and a t-shirt.
Men are strongly advised to wear a protective cup.
Bring a bottle of water.


Anyone.  Krav Maga was designed to be easy to learn.

So one may walk in peace.
— Imi Lichtenfeld