Upcoming Home Invasion seminar with Tamir Gilad

Saturday June 9th, 2-5 pm.  Cost $70.  Email kravmaga@live.ca for registration and more information.


The best modern self-defence in the world, taught in a supportive and friendly atmosphere for all ages and skill levels.


The only licensed, authentic IKMF Krav Maga in Scarborough, minutes from Pickering.  We are one of only 4 certified IKMF instructors in the GTA.  This level of training simply doesn't exist anywhere else.

Why is Krav Maga so effective?  

Krav Maga means 'close combat' and is a collection of techniques designed to neutralize threats as efficiently as possible, with minimum harm to the defender.  It combines modern, science-based self-defence and military close combat training to enable you to get out of conflict quickly and safely.  Over 80 years of data and scientific research, conducted by such respected academic institutions as the famed Wingate Institute, have refined these techniques. 


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